How much money would you save if you never had to stop for gas again?


Electric Cars

The Latest Trend in the Global Car Market

We directly import Genuine Electric Cars from Japan. Get the latest tax benefit for electric cars from the budget. Nissan Leaf is the most popular electric car in the market. The most economical car among city users. Luxury Car for Safe and Comfort drive.

100% electric,no fuel and no tailpipe emissions. The Nissan LEAF is not just the world’s first mass market electric car, it’s the 2011 World Car of the Year.1 In choosing LEAF for this top spot, the panel of automotive journalists from Europe, Asia and North America described it as “…the gateway to a brave new electric world from Nissan.” Let’s go.

The Battery Power

Nissan LEAF runs completely on electricity stored in one of our most advanced laminated lithium-ion batteries ever. Compared to nickel metal hydrides found in most hybrids, lithium-ion batteries are only half the weight, yet twice the power.

Generate energy while you drive. Every time you slow down, the regenerative braking system stores that energy in the Nissan LEAF battery. That means your car charges anytime you brake.

Available LED low-beam headlights use half as much energy as traditional headlights. Plus, they’re aerodynamically designed to maximize efficiency.

The photovoltaic solar-panel spoiler (SL trim only) converts sunlight into energy. It helps power your A/C, your 12-volt outlet and your stereo.

Available Models Nissan Leaf 2012, Nissan Leaf 2013,Nissan Leaf 2014. Many colors to choose from. Endorsements by Nissan Leaf users in USA.

The car is saving me tons of money on gas and maintenance, and electric costs are minimal. – Ken | Arizona,USA

I bought my LEAF as an experiment as a second car. I now drive it 95% of the time. – Jim | Seattle,USA